Leaving a donation to The Purcell School in your will is a powerful way to ensure that your values and passions live on, creating positive change for generations to come.

As a passionate advocate of music and the arts, you have a unique opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that will continue to resonate through generations. By including a donation to the School in your will, you can ensure that our young musicians will continue to influence and inspire for years to come.

We value our legators in the same way we do our donors and encourage them to be part of the Purcell community and enjoy the variety of music and events we offer. Legacy donors are acknowledged, with permission, in our concert programmes and other school literature.

To find out more about how to make a gift in your will to The Purcell School, please click here or contact our Development Team on development@purcell-school.org or 01923 331131.

Music Materials
We are often bequeathed musical instruments and items such as recordings and sheet music from individuals who share our passion for music. Whilst we are very grateful for donations, it is often the case that we cannot accept them, due to restrictions on space and specific needs of the School at the time. If you are looking to include materials in your will to bequeath to The Purcell School, we would advise that you please contact us before writing them in so that we can discuss the best course of action with you.

However you chose to make your bequest, whether it be cash, property or assets, it is important to take legal advice.