ISI Inspection Reports

The Purcell School is delighted to share the outcomes of its most recent inspection (May 2022) in
which the School achieved the highest possible grading in all categories.

Inspectors found the School to be wholly compliant in all aspects of safeguarding (including the
suitability of staff), the quality of education provided, health and safety, student welfare, the
handling of complaints and the quality of leadership and management.

In the two categories of Educational Quality, Inspectors found ‘the quality of pupils’ academic and
other achievements is excellent’ (the highest ISI grading), and ‘the quality of pupils’ personal
development is excellent’.

Inspectors commented especially that:

‘Pupils attitudes to learning are exemplary’ and that ‘The standards of musicianship achieved by
the pupils are outstanding’. Additionally, ‘Pupils achieve high standards in their other academic
work also’ and the School’s ‘provision for those with special educational needs and/or disabilities
(SEND) and English as an additional language (EAL) is highly effective ensuring that these pupils also
make excellent progress in line with their peers’.

Inspectors were deeply impressed by our students, whom they found to be ‘mature, insightful and
perceptive beyond their years’. They observed that ‘Pupils of all ages and abilities demonstrate
excellent levels of self-understanding, confidence and resilience’ and commented how ‘pupils show
excellent respect for their own and other cultures’ noting how they ‘show kindness and
consideration towards one another’.

The healthy, positive and open culture of the School were seen to contribute to excellent personal
development: ‘The excellent outcomes in pupil’s personal development are due to the strong
commitment of senior leaders, school governors and staff to providing high levels of pastoral
support’ … ‘supported by the leadership having created a culture of openness, integration and