Outreach at The Purcell School is an important part of the work of the Music department.

Outreach enriches the School’s collective life and brings students into contact with the wider world beyond School. It enables our students to develop performance and communication skills and to learn how to set up, organise and deliver events.

Outreach can take many forms, from student-led musical activities with local young people, to the School opening its doors to other young people when world-class musicians give masterclasses at the School.

Over recent years the School has engaged in a range of educational projects.


The Impulse programme sees Purcell students directly interacting with young people from other Schools. It focuses on training Purcell students to deliver music education workshops, and allows them to lead musical activities for young people in local schools and in partnership with the Norfolk Music Hub. Impulse has received a number of national awards and commendations from distinguished organizations, including the Royal Society of Art, the Diana Award and Music Manifesto.

Our Impulse group can (subject to availability) support events such as:

  • Performing in school assembly
  • Running creative music workshops with a whole class of children
  • Performing in a local community events

Please contact Alison Cox on a.cox@purcell-school.org to discuss any of the options above.

2022 IMPULSE Outreach Project in Norfolk

Over the weekend of the 16th – 19th June 2022, Purcell’s award-winning IMPULSE outreach group returned to Norfolk for the first time in over two years to run an exciting series of community concerts and musical projects in primary schools. The students who made up this year’s IMPULSE group were so incredibly well received, that we have (in turn!) received many messages of thanks and praise following their performances. Here are but a few:

‘Just want to let you know how much we enjoyed the concert at Fulmodeston church in Norfolk last night, given by pupils of The Purcell School. There was a grand variety of musical pieces … and we were particularly impressed by the playing of the flautist Tom Kirby, accompanied by Rowena Jones on the harp.’ Richard and Isobel Skelton

‘Thank you to The Purcell School and the wonderful and talented year 12 musicians for this afternoon’s concert. Quite the most delightful event at Wells Maltings this year! We are already looking forward to your visit next year.’ Graeme and Sue Frall

‘I had the pleasure of attending this recital last Friday which was the most enjoyable occasion, played by very talented young musicians with a very varied programme. Many congratulations to them all and I wish them well for their musical careers in the future.’ Miles Connell

With special thanks to The Arts Society of North West Norfolk for their support and sponsorship.

IMPULSE Outreach Gallery: Norfolk

Photographs from the 2022 IMPULSE Outreach Trip to Norfolk are available below.

Community Concerts