To be considered for an audition at The Purcell School, applicants must first apply. Please see How to Apply. Auditions take place at the School on Thursdays during term-time. Candidates will be asked to prepare and play two pieces on their first instrument and one piece on their second instrument (if relevant). The pieces are of the applicant’s own choice. Sight-reading and aural tests will be set. Candidates will be interviewed by an audition panel which will include the relevant Head of Department.

An audition fee of £50, payable to ‘The Purcell School’ by cheque or online, must be made and received by the relevant audition date to guarantee an audition.

Following a successful audition, the candidate will either be offered a place (normally within two weeks of the audition) or placed on a waiting list.

If you have any further queries about our auditions please contact the School Registrar, Ms Karen Eldridge on or 01923 331107.

For families in serious financial difficulty for whom the application and/or audition fee would prevent them applying, please contact the Registrar for a conversation about how the School can help.