Submitted applications are passed to the relevant Head of Department for their consideration and applicants may be invited to attend an audition. For information about applications, please see How to Apply.

We are delighted to welcome prospective new students to the school and auditions at The Purcell School are a friendly and enjoyable experience.

When are auditions held?

Auditions take place at the School during term-time. We start auditioning candidates during the Autumn term.

When do auditions end?

Auditions will continue until the School has reached maximum capacity. We therefore recommend submitting an application as early in the academic year as possible.

What does the audition involve?

Applicants will be asked to prepare and play two pieces on their first instrument. They may also play one piece on their second instrument if they wish.

The pieces are of the applicant’s own choice – these may be the same pieces as submitted with the application.

First study pianists are expected to perform their pieces from memory.

There will also be a sight-reading on the first instrument and some aural tests. These tests help to give us a more rounded picture of the applicant’s ability and potential, and what they have been taught; they also help us to put successful candidates in appropriate classes. Please be assured that the tests are not “make or break” and cannot be prepared.

Following the audition, applicants will be interviewed by the audition panel which will include the Director of Music and the relevant Head of Department.

Applicants and their parents or guardians will also be given a tour of the School and will meet with our Director of Boarding, who is also a pastoral leader at the school. Parents will also have the opportunity to meet with our Finance Manager.

Audition Fee

There is a non-returnable audition fee of £100 which must be paid in advance of the audition date.

For families in serious financial difficulty and for whom the application and/or audition fee would prevent them from applying, please contact us in confidence.

Audition Outcome

Following a successful audition, the candidate will either be offered a place (normally within two weeks of the audition) or be placed on a waiting list.

If you would like any further information about auditions please email or call 01923 331 100.