From September 2022, Year 12 students will be able to study Audio Production as a first study at the School.

In addition to the Music Technology component of the Academic Music curriculum, first study Audio Production students will receive up to two hours of individual tuition per week, alongside an agreed programme of instrumental study appropriate to their individual needs (applicants must have a second study instrument to a minimum of Grade 5 standard). They will be taught techniques for developing coherent ideas and be exposed to a variety of methods and styles. Workshops with young and established producers will enable students to learn more about recording and production techniques, new music, the contemporary scene and how to create opportunities for the exposure of their work. Production students will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of projects, concerts and performances, and to enter their work for competitions.

All Audio Production students will have the chance to submit original work in the School’s acclaimed Sound Image Movement concert series, which enables students to use technology creatively and across multiple genres.