All students at The Purcell School have several music lessons every week. Music lessons fall into three categories:

  • Academic Music Lessons
    All students study music throughout their time at the School, including aural training, theory, harmony, composition, music history and analysis.
  • Ensemble Sessions
    All students are members of several groups including orchestras, choirs, chamber groups and improvisation groups. Ensemble music is timetabled for students up to Year 8, while for students in Years 9 and above it usually takes place during ‘Music Block’ (16.00-18.00) or after supper (18.30-19.30).
  • Individual Lessons
    These are timetabled weekly for each student and include instrumental lessons, composition lessons, Alexander Technique and one-to-one support in aural and theory training.

Students can take up to three hours of individual lessons per week, depending on the advice of the Head of Department. There is no requirement to use all three hours, and younger students often have less. Parents are liable for the cost of any additional lessons.

Each student is given a personalised programme to meet their specific needs, but a typical programme would consist of:

  • 1½-2 hour on first study instrument (or composition)
  • ½-1 hour on second study instrument (or composition)
  • ½ hour Alexander Technique, or aural/theory training

All composers attend a seminar every week that is part of their allocation.

Each student’s programme is worked out in consultation with their Head of Department and is kept under review constantly.