Welcome to the latest edition of Purcell’s Weekly Highlights!

North London Festival of Music Speech and Drama

We were delighted to hear that Year 7 double bassist Lucas took Second Place in the Grade 6 Double Bass Class at the recent North London Festival of Music Speech and Drama. Lucas was the youngest performer in this class and was praised for his mature performance of the 2nd movement of the double bass concerto in D major by A. Capuzzi. Congratulations, Lucas.

Purcell Pianists at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

On 22nd March, Purcell’s pianists returned to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for the RCS Piano Festival to present a programme of Rachmaninoff.

A full account of the Piano Department’s trip to Glasgow will be shared next term but, for now, our congratulations to all of the pianists (listed below) who took part and represented Purcell so brilliantly, and our thanks to the members of staff who arranged and accompanied them on this tour.

Gabriella (Year 9), Daria (Year 9), Tracy (Year 10), Zev (Year 9), Lavender (Year 10), Patchubun (Year 10), Ali (Year 11), Anastasia (Year 13), Celeste (Year 9), Yazdi (Year 11), Teodora-Ioana (Year 10), Anna (Year 10), Phoebe (Year 11), Krystal (Year 10), Daria (Year 10), Yifei (Year 11), Dymtro (Year 10), Grace (Year 9), Shixin (Year 11), Melody (Year 11), Suna (Year 10) and Tristan (Year 10).

The following photographs are courtesy of Phoebe (Year 11).