Welcome to the latest edition of Purcell’s Weekly Highlights!

UKMT Intermediate Math Challenge 2023

A few weeks ago over 250,000 students from more than 3,000 schools across the UK participated in the Intermediate Maths Challenge aimed at Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils. Students had 60 minutes to answer 25 challenging multiple choice mathematical problems. Those who performed in the top 5% of the country achieve a gold medal certificate, those in the top 10% achieved silver and those in the top 25% achieved bronze.

We are delighted to announce the following certificate winners from our school.

Gold Medal – JiHyo (Year 11) and Cole (Year 11)
Silver Medal – Ella (Year 11), Melody (Year 11), Ireh (Year 9), Reeka (Year 9), Alex (Year 11) and Yifei (Year 11)
Bronze Medal – Yakub (Year 9), Celeste (Year 9), Kaelan (Year 10), Nemunis (Year 9), Grace (Year 9), Belinda (Year 10), Yazdi (Year 10), Teodora (Year 10), Arunima (Year 10) and Skye (Year 9)

This is a record number of medal winners in any UKMT competition for The Purcell School so we are all thrilled in the Maths Department and very proud of our students!

Furthermore, JiHyo is one of only 600 in the country to be invited for the Intermediate Olympiad follow on round which she will sit in March.

Congratulations to JiHyo and good luck for the next round!!

Well done from Ms Stone, Miss Mitchell and Mrs Shah!