Welcome to the latest edition of Purcell’s Weekly Highlights!

UK Mathematics Trust: Individual Competitions for Years 9, 10 and 11

In recent Weekly Highlights, we have shared news of how well Purcell students have progressed through the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, and are now able to confirm that some of our young mathematicians were also invited to take part in the follow-on Pink and Grey Kangaroo competition rounds. These are 60-minute, multiple-choice competitions consisting of 25 problems and providing a challenging environment in which students have to apply their skills and knowledge.

The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) invite only a few thousand UK-based students from the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge to take part in the Pink and Grey Kangaroo, and three of our students qualified.

We are delighted to announce that JiHyo (Year 9) achieved a Merit score in her competition, whilst Benji and Thomas (both Year 11) achieved a Participation score.

Congratulations to three of our top mathematicians!

Bird Song Research Project

Regular readers of Purcell’s Weekly Highlights may remember that, at the beginning of the Easter break, Purcell Science teacher Svetlana Emelianova set students a Bird Song research project to complete during their time away from school. The research papers are now all in, and Svetlana would like to share the following:

‘I have now collected the Easter holiday assignments about birds from all my classes. What an interesting, multifaceted and fascinating compilation of observations and research it made! Students from Years 7 to 13 participated in the bird research task and below are some amazing examples of that work.

I would like to draw attention to a particular thorough and comprehensive research project by Dana from Year 13, who collated data from a large number of sources in order to explain how birds use magnets in order to navigate during their long distance migrations.