Young Writers, an establishment built to encourage creativity in children and young adults and to inspire a love of the written word recently ran a competition ‘Poetry Escape’ to challenge secondary school students to free their creativity and escape the maze of their minds using poetic techniques as their tools of navigation. The best poems were chosen to be released as a book and in result we are delighted to announce that two Purcell students are officially published poets!


(Elsa Rapisarda)

Oh, wonderful melody!
Beautiful sound, lovely smooth rhythm.
Wonderful intertwining tones, handsome chords;
Wonderful composition.
Harmony, reminiscent of a sunrise.
Major chords, pulling happiness out of the saddest of people;
Deep minor chords, reminding you of the saddest of times.
A strong pulse you can feel inside you,
Like a heartbeat in your soul.
The sweet timbre of a violin, running in your ears,
Happy sounds of a flute, soaring into your feelings,
Melancholic cello, singing you a lullaby as you fall asleep,
Soft pizzicato bass, whispering secrets into your ears.
Why music, life’s own sweet elixir,
Admiral melody, magnificent harmony,
Reassure me of the world’s joy, eternally.


(Ella Richardson)

My family is my world
Their unconditional love
Inspires me in life
To stay positive
When I’m feeling overwhelmed
Their support sustains me
Lifts my spirits high
To great horizons
They keep me grounded
And show me the way
To love others
And to love myself
Their encouragement is boundless
Through good times and bad
They see the best in me
No matter what
So many special memories
They give out so much
I am also there for them
Family. What else is there?
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