Congratulations to The Purcell School’s Upper Sixth who, as their last achievement while Purcell students, have notched up a record set of A level results, by a large margin and the best in recent times!

Highlights are as follows:

  • 50% of all grades were at the top A* or A grades (2017 figure, 29%)
  • 71% were at A*, A or B
  • 100% were at the overall pass grades A*-E

To see results rise so strongly is particularly gratifying against the backdrop of national concerns that, given new, harder exams in many subjects, results might fall.

Moreover, this was the first year in which Purcell students sat the Cambridge Pre-U exam in Music instead of A level. Widely regarded as a tougher proposition, the School felt that the additional challenges the pre-U offers were appropriate for our highly talented students. Out of 41 candidates in pre-U Music, 19 (46%) were graded D1 or D2 (equivalent to the A level A*) and 16 (39%) at D3 (A grade equivalent).

The Purcell School always affirms that great musicians must be supported by a broad academic background. This impressive year-group has certainly stepped up to the challenge! The School is very proud of them.