We are delighted that Chemistry teacher, Mr Peter Banks, has been awarded the highly coveted status of Chartered Science Teacher. This qualification is jointly presented by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the UK Science Council and requires evidence for the demonstration of a high level of impact and commitment to Science Education in school and in the wider education community. 

Mr Banks achieved the award after his experience teaching at The Purcell School over the past seven years and, during this time, his contribution to the chemical education community.

He is an Editorial Board Member and writes regularly for the Royal Society of Chemistry magazine, Education in Chemistry. He has created a number of products for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Learn Chemistry team, helping train teachers and support pupils of chemistry across the world. His Chemistry teaching website, www.chemstuff.co.uk, receives nearly half a million visitors a year. Within the school he was responsible for this year’s enormous Science Week programme of activities along with his responsibilities as Assistant Houseparent in Avison.