Mali in Oak is the unforgettable new album from Purcell Alumnus and master Kora player, Tunde Jegede, and visionary guitarist Derek Gripper. It is also the third release from the innovative new record label, Globe Music.A celebration of West African songcraft, Mali in Oak brings together two musicians – an African born in Europe and a European born in Africa – who are both trained in the Western classical tradition and yet enter into the realm of the griots and traditional bards of the Mande people of West Africa.

Globe Music is the recording company of Shakespeare’s Globe which celebrates special projects, concerts and performances, and creates an international platform for the finest live music created at the Globe. Mali in Oak was recorded in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in an intimate, candle-lit event, and the recording includes a variety of duets and solos, with modern interpretations of classics alongside new compositions.

The album’s Director of Music, Bill Barclay, commented that ‘This sparkling collaboration is particularly special to me as it’s connected so deeply to both tradition and innovation, a dialectic that is the heart of hearts at the Globe’.

The recording can be previewed here and purchased here.