First study composers from The Purcell School have been working with Music Off Canvas, a pioneering collective of musicians specialising in cross-arts collaborative practice, to compose pieces in response to the Saatchi Gallery exhibition Painters’ Painters.

The exhibition draws together nine present-day painters whose work is seen to be influencing a younger generation of artists graduating from art schools around the world. Each Purcell composer has selected one piece of art from the exhibition as their inspiration, and the performances will take place in situ with the artwork.

The event, entitled Painters’ Painters, Composers’ Composers, is on Thursday 2nd March 2017 at the Saatchi Gallery. Tickets are £6 and available from the gallery’s website.

Hannah Grayson, flautist and teacher at The Purcell School, is a Co-Director of Music on Canvas. For more information about the collective, please visit their website.