Nine Purcell pupils had the fantastic opportunity to play at the Royal Albert Hall last night as part of the Watford School of Music Youth Orchestra, conducted by John Brennan.  

Yasmin Strevens-Chen (leader)
Ben Carnell – cello
Emily Price – oboe
Simone Qiu – flute
Sam Sigl – trumpet
Cameron McDonnell – horn
Joseph Longstaff – horn
Christpher Price – tuba
Steffan Dawe – percussion

​The orchestra was invited to perform at the Music for Youth Schools’ Prom following an outstanding performance at  the National Festival of Music for Youth at Symphony Hall, Birmingham.  They performed John Williams’ original score for ET and a piece especially composed for the Grand Finale called Hope and Glory, composed by Pete Letanka.  All members of the orchestra are from local schools, and meet every Friday to rehearse at the music school on Rickmansworth Road. 

“There was all kinds of different music, not just classical, it was so different and SO much fun. There were groups from all over the UK and the atmosphere was great!” – Yasmin

“It was so special to play at such an amazing, huge, famous concert venue and there was a really special moment at the end of ET where the hall literally ‘rang’, which is the effect John wanted and what we were all hoping for!” – Simone