​Bursting onto the stage in typically spectacular fashion was this year’s first Sound Image Movement concert on Wednesday 9th March.  With a breathtakingly eclectic mix of performances showcasing the creative breadth of our most inventive Purcellians, the event remained true to its ambition of presenting original ideas in a spectacular setting.  The capacity audience was mesmerised by innovative film work from Georgia Odette and Zakia Fawcett, a full orchestral performance of a rock version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (a UK premiere, with electric guitar soloist Billy Watman), intricate loop-pedal work from Niki Moosavi, an original composition from Amba (the youngest ever participant, from years 5), Ralph Steadman’s Blot symphony and cover versions by Yuliya Ostapchuk and Ned Moss.   In a move to involve more pupils in the theatricals of the evening, the show was presented by the beguiling Shoshonah (aka Zakia Fawcett), who was our star-struck guide right through to the final act when Alice Mcarthy and The Delegates (led by Sam Every) razzed up the capacity audience, bringing many close to the point of rushing the stage and joining in the dance.  Don’t miss  the next Sound Image Movement event on the last day of the year – Thursday 7th July!