Richard Taylor, centre, surrounded by pupils and colleagues in the Purcell School picture, 1981.

​It is with great sadness that The Purcell School learned of the death of former Headmaster Richard Taylor. Mr Taylor made a key contribution in developing the school to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence.

From its humble beginnings in small house in Hampstead, Mr Taylor was able to take the dream of founders Rosemary Rappaport and Irene Forester and make them a reality. In the 13 years he served as Headmaster, he took the school from 16 pupils to 130 and to a new campus in Harrow-on-the-hill.

Many former pupils have shared their memories of the Headmaster, recounting their love of his ethics lessons and the fun they had playing ‘me vs thee’ a general knowledge quiz of the Headmasters own creation.

​Mr Taylor also worked hard to create financial help and political support for talented young musicians. He was determined that pupils had a sound general education as well as outstanding musical education and that financial issues should not be a barrier. The whole school community extends their condolences to Richards’s widow Mrs Rosemary Taylor.