Yesterday, the pupils of Avison were asked to face their fears and their stomachs by trying some new foods. The tasting sessions started with an example of how misleading food can be. Each pupil was asked to take one jelly bean from a cup. Each coloured bean could either be flavoured with an unappetising option, for example, tooth paste or dog food, or something sweet and more traditional, such as apple or pear. As the pupils tried their beans the faces of disgust and satisfaction that popped up around the table revealed who had consumed what.

The pupils soon realised that food doesn’t always taste the way you might think! ​After trying some vegetables prepared in inventive ways and some fresh fruits many had never seen before such as a dragon fruit and a persimmon, they were all excited for their final treat- brownies and cake. As all the pupils took their first bites with glee it was announced that there were some secret ingredients in their favourite deserts this time- Beetroot and sweet potatoes respectively. Hopeful this session taught some of the younger pupils not to judge a menu by its ingredients.