Head of Department, Kevin Hathway with Professor Daphne Boden and the new harp!
Today we were delighted to see the arrival of a new instrument to the Harp department. 

The harp was made in Chicago, and chosen specially for its sound quality by Purcell harp teacher, Daphne Boden. Manufacturers, Lyon and Healy, have been making such instruments since 1889. Based in Chicago, the company is renowned for using the latest technology to refine parts of the instrument in greater detail and efficiency, and old-world craftsmanship to ensure that care, precision and pride go into the building of each harp.

​Harp students at Purcell are taught by Daphne Boden and Charlotte Seale and department alumni include Catrin Finch, Daniel de-Fry, Juliana Myslov, and official harpist to The Prince of Wales, Anne Denholm.