​Year 11 pupils today received the bulk of their GCSE and IGCSE results.  Results across the whole year-group were strong, with excellence in a number of key subjects, including Music, English and Art.  The overall results for the day include examinations taken in summer 2015 by the whole cohort in Music and four pupils in Mathematics.

Oliver Franks (first study piano) achieved straight A*s in all his GCSE subjects, as did Lauren Marshall (first study composition).

Pupils who achieved all A* and A grades were Mackenzie Kavanagh (first study piano) and Mark Zang (first study piano).

Pupils who achieved A* and A grades in all their subjects bar one were Alexander Blinko (first study flute), Stephanie He (first study piano), Hanna Lee (first study violin), Georgia Manford (first study harpsichord) and Hannah Pearson (first study voice).

Pupils in Year 10 sitting GCSE Music achieved a strong set of results, with 93% of them achieving either A* or A grades.  The eight pupils in Year 11 who took GCSE Art achieved 87% A and A* grades.

Headmaster Stephen Yeo commented: ‘these good results are a fine reflection of the all-round commitment of our pupils to their academic studies.  The fact that such good results can be achieved by young people involved in music-making at the very highest level attests to their dedication and that of their teachers.’