A big congratulations go to the following students who achieved a Gold, Silver or Bronze score in the National Maths Challenge run by the UKMT (UK Mathematics Trust) for year 10 and 11 students, putting them in the top 40% of the country’s results. All students in these years attempted a challenging set of maths and logic problems alongside pupils from over 4000 other schools across the UK.

In addition to this, Joseph Longstaff qualified as one of the top 500 performers in year 10 and was entered for the next round of European competitions where he gained a further Merit Certificate against the top year 10 pupils across Europe – an outstanding result! 

Chian Chain Hsu and Mark Zang also qualified for a further UK round of competition for their exceptional individual performances and they both receive a Certificate of Participation.  

Well done to all our certificate winners who show that musicians can also make excellent mathematicians!

Gold Certificate
Efe Emre (y11)
Hanna Lee (y11)
Mark Zang (y11)
Joseph Longstaff (y10)
Chian Chian Hsu (y10)
Silver Certificate
Oliver Franks (y11)
Ilai Avni (y10)
Ivan Varchenko (y10)
Bronze Certificate
Heather Brooks (y11)
Tayfun Bomboz 
Yasmin Strevens Chen (y10)