Kevin Hathway leading a side-by-side orchestral rehearsal with Purcell pupils and the Berkshire Maestros

Last Sunday afternoon Mr Hathway and Mr Sewart took 14 Purcellians to Stoneham Court in Reading to present a musical cocktail of chamber music performances, masterclasses, and side-by-side experiences with the Academy @ Maestros, run by Berkshire Music Hub.

​The Berkshire Maestros is an organisation for children aged 9 -18 which meets once a month for an all-round classical music education.  All sections of the orchestra were involved and our pupils proved to be excellent outreach ambassadors as they presented two lively hours of performance and discussion.  This was followed by the massed forces – 30 strings, 25 brass, 25 wind and 5 percussion – joining together to give an exuberant mini performance of Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique.