As part of the January Exams and Outings week, pupils in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 spent a busy day of exploration and discovery at the Science Museum and Natural History Museum in London.  The Science Museum in particular captured the pupils’ imaginations and interest with the various workshops and interactive activities on offer focusing on the themes of space, energy and communications.  The pupils threw themselves into the activities with their usual energy and enthusiasm and were quick to feedback their highlights: 

“I was particularly fascinated by the space section. We went to a workshop where we learnt how spaceships are actually able to make it to space” (Eliza, Year 7)

“We had a workshop where we had a chance to make our own radios and speakers. It was really interesting to know how much Science is in our everyday life.” (Lily, Year 7)

“We watched a can of Pringles which was supposedly our own homemade rocket fill up with hydrogen from the balloon and blast off. It was very loud so we had to cover our ears!” (Chelsea, Year7)

A very big thank you from all of the pupils involved to Mr Panos Fellas, Head of Science and to all of their Science teachers for such a fun and hands-on scientific day.