1. As a boarding school, we will always be open during term time. Even if it is not possible to run normal lessons (see below), boarders will remain in school other than in exceptional circumstances e.g. if gas or electricity supplies are disrupted and we are unable to provide food and/or heating for an extended period of time.

2. The school will continue to provide lessons whenever it is humanly possible, and parents should assume that we will be open even in bad weather. Parents of day pupils (and boarders returning from exeat) must decide whether it is safe to travel. The safety of pupils must be paramount, and, while all pupils should make every reasonable effort to reach the school, the ultimate decision on whether to attend school rests with parents.

3. In the event that we are forced to abandon lessons (for example, because insufficient teachers can reach the school), day pupils will be advised to go home as soon as possible. If we are aware of the problem the day before, pupils will be informed before the end of the school day. In an emergency, day pupils who cannot get home will be found temporary accommodation in school.

4. Information about weather conditions, and any disruption to the normal school routine, will be published on this page.