Eight Purcell pupils set off to Sri Lanka last Thursday, accompanied by Alison Cox OBE, Head of Composition  and Outreach and Founder of ‘The Commonwealth Resounds!’ and Charles Sewart, Head of Strings.  

The young musicians  will be taking part in performances, projects, masterclasses, discussions and outreach work for ‘The Commonwealth Resounds!’, an organisation seeking to identify and promote outstanding musical initiatives in Commonwealth countries, develop partnerships between artists from different cultural origins and support training programmes for young musicians. 

The Purcell School’s Sri Lanka team have made ‘Songbound’ their special focus for charitable fundraising in 2012/13.  This is a music outreach initiative that uses singing to reach out to India’s most impoverished children via collaborative projects with schools, choirs and professional musicians worldwide .They will be working with Joe Walters and choral trainers in Sri Lanka to spread the benefits of this excellent programme into new communities.