Welcome to the latest edition of Purcell’s Weekly Highlights!

Lower School Composition Competition 2020

On Wednesday morning, Purcell’s Composition Department hosted the much-anticipated and appropriately socially-distanced Oscar’s Ceremony for the Lower School Composition Competition 2020 (affectionately known as Comp Comp). Amongst the many awards presented, was the highly coveted Gold Trophy for the Overall Winner which went to last year’s Year 6 students Maya, April and Gabriella, with a special mention for Octavia who has now left the school.

In a change from recent years, the Composition Competition was judged on the excellent work produced and performed online during lockdown.

So, without further ado, the 2020 Comp Comp Oscars went to:

Best Performance: April (Year 7), Maya (Year 7), Phoebe (Year 9) and Polina (Year 9)
Grooviest Beat: Ali (Year 9)
Best Disco Bop: Kaelan (Year 8)
Best Visuals: Angelica (Year 9) and Kaelan (Year 8)
Best Editing: Phoebe (Year 9)
Best Presentation: Arunima (Year 8), April (Year 7), Melody (Year 9) and Gabriella (Year 7)
Best for Entertainment: Gabriella (Year 7), April (Year 7), Maya (Year 7) and Arunima (Year 8)
Class Clown: Kaelan (Year 8) and Maya (Year 7)
Most Innovative Locations: Patchubun (Year 8)
Most Improved During Process: Adrian (Year 9)
Best Composition (Year 6): Black Panther
Best Composition (Year 7): Kaelan’s (Year 8) orchestra piece
Best Composition (Year 8): Yazdi (Year 9)
Last Minute Proactivity: Alex (Year 9)
Best Problem Solver: Angelica (Year 9)
Best Hat: April (Year 7)
Best Production: Ali (Year 9)
Best Apparel: Alex (Year 9)
Speediest Score: Octavia
Best Title: Malena (Year 8)
Best Foreign Language Title: Phoebe (Year 9)
Most Innovative Excuse for Being Late: Hana (Year 8)
Best Piece Played in Corn:
Cindy (Year 9)
Most Supportive/Teamwork and Management: Rebecca (Year 9)
Best Arrangement: Melody (Year 9)

Our thanks to Purcell’s Head of Composition Alison Cox and her team of Sixth Form adjudicators for organising and hosting this fantastic event.