Section A: Personal Details


A.1 Applicant's Details


A.2 Parent's Details




A.3 Entry Details


A.4 Current Education


A.5 Additional Information to Support Application

Please state here any current or previous connection to The Purcell School (e.g. other members of the family who have attended, relationship to member of staff or governor, etc)

Please explain what source(s) of information led you to make this application (e.g. advertisement, concert programme, LEA Music Advisor, School website, current school, present or past Purcell staff members, current Music teacher, radio, publicity leaflet, social media, etc)


Section B: Musical Information

B.1 Musical Experience

First instrument is the instrument which the applicant hopes to take as a First Study. Composition is considered an instrument for the purposes of this form.

1st Instrument 2nd Instrument Other
Instrument (Please specify)
Length of Time Studied
Last Examination Taken (Date and result)
Repertoire (In the last year)
Technical Exercises (In the last year)
Orchestra / Chamber Music Experience (Please list)


B.2 Music Teachers

Name(s) and contact telephone number(s) of current music teachers(s)

First Instrument

Second Instrument

Other Instrument

Overseas candidates should also include evidence of a recent performance, be this in the form of a YouTube link or similar.

Please note that if you wish to gather the references yourself, please send them over the School as soon as possible in advance of the applicant's audition.


Section C: Ethnic Origin & Disability Monitoring

Please note that the information provided in this section will not be used in any way to select the applicants for the School, nor will it be made available to the selection panel. All schools are required by the Department of Education (DfE) to collect information about the ethnic background of students. This is to help the DfE to understand and identify the needs of individual students and groups of students, and to plan and target resources and support more effectively.

C.1 Ethnic Origins

Our ethnic background describes how we think of ourselves. This may be based on many things including, for example, our skin colour, language, culture, ancestry or family history. Ethnic background is not the same as nationality or country of birth.
Children aged over 11 years old have the opportunity to decide their own ethnic identity. Parents of those will parental responsibility are asked to support or advise those children over 11 in making this decision, wherever necessary. Students aged 16 or over can make this decision for themselves.
Please study the list below and tick one box only to indicate the ethnic background of the applicant. Please also indicate whether this section was completed by a parent of the applicant.

BritishIrishTraveller of Irish HeritageGypsy/RomaOther

Black or Black British
CaribbeanAfricanIrishTraveller of Irish HeritageGypsy/RomaOther

White and Black CaribbeanWhite and Black AfricanWhite and AsianOther

Asian or Asian British





C.2 Disabilities and Special Educational Needs

The School welcomes applications from prospective pupils with disabilities and special needs for assessment/audition.

For the purposes of this section, the term 'disability' includes mobility, hearing, sight or other physical impairments, as well as other special needs, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or significant behavioural problems.

The School recognises that some applicants with disabilities may require social arrangements for the audition sages, to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities, and will consider all reasonable adjustments to cater for this. Please be aware, however, that the School is partly housed in an old, Edwardian building which does not lend itself to wheelchair access.


C.3 English as a Second Language


Section D: Declaration

I/We the named person(s) apply for the applicant named to be considered as a prospective student of The Purcell School. All those with parental responsibility for the applicant have consented to this application. There are no court orders in force which would prevent the applicant named above from joining The Purcell School, and I/we confirm that, to the best of my/our knowledge, the information in this application is true.


Data Protection

By completing this form, you are agreeing to The Purcell School holding your personal details. We may send you information about the School from time to time. We DO NOT share any information with third parties.