Following a rigorous interview process with the Senior Leadership Team, in which all candidates performed brilliantly, the School has appointed Hugo Max and Lydia Cochrane as our new Head Boy and Head Girl!
I feel hugely honoured to have been chosen as Head Boy and am incredibly excited to work alongside Lydia and the whole team to make a positive change at The Purcell School over the next year. I cannot wait to put into action the hands-on ideas of our imaginative student voice. I hope to focus my energies on getting as many musical projects off the ground as possible. Over the year I would like to increase performance opportunities through frequent trips to care homes in the local area, as well as work with as many people as possible to bring together different academic departments, for instance art or science, to create interesting collaborative concerts. I am already eagerly awaiting next March where my Haydn Festival is planned: the culmination of my personal project of playing all 68 of Haydn’s String Quartets. Furthermore, I aim to work with the new head of pastoral care to find positive, practical ways of approaching mental health – a topic which is key to the welfare of the student body and demands more focus than ever before. This is going to be a thrilling final year of school for me and my wonderful year group, filled to the brim with musical ventures and hopefully the creation of a couple of arthouse films along the way…
(Hugo Max, Head Boy)
I’m hugely grateful and excited to have been chosen to be Head Girl next year! I can’t wait to be working as part of the prefect team to make changes in the School that I feel strongly about, like an increase in study space, awareness about hearing loss and other music related injuries, and a decrease in plastic use in the school, as well as other more exciting focuses such as second study concerts, sports clubs, and bringing individual musical departments closer together with big projects such as a potential musical. I hope the next year brings new opportunities for The Purcell School and everyone in it to continue to grow as musicians in an environment that supports this so well.
(Lydia Cochrane, Head Girl)