Following a rigorous interview process with the Senior Leadership Team, in which all candidates performed brilliantly, the School has appointed Reuben Bance and Eva Serksnaite as our new Head Boy and Head Girl!
Hello everyone! We are Eva and Reuben and we’re excited to welcome everyone to Purcell, both new and old. This year is going to be a very strange one, but we believe that our community will continue to thrive and create great music. As a school, this year we want to encourage and create a more sustainable, cleaner and healthier environment and influence people to keep these habits for life. Unfortunately, the current global situation has limited the range of opportunities that were once possible at the school, but we’re working hard with staff and students to try and keep you engaged and well.

We are working towards providing a space for the sixth form, along with increasing awareness in mental health and creating an environment that addresses the needs of the student body. We are also continuing to liaise with staff to provide you with all the resources that you need. We are confident that, despite these confusing times, we as a school are able to rise up to the challenge and make great music, just as we’ve always done.

(Eva Serksnaite and Reuben Bance)