Nurturing the Next Generation of Musicians

In his preface to the School’s first prospectus Sir Thomas Armstrong (an early Patron of the School) wrote that ‘Musical talent can exhibit itself very early in life and creative musical experience may occur in very young children. It is important that this talent, as soon as it appears, should be recognised and directed aright’. He also took great care to state that the music should be balanced by a good general curriculum ‘of true educational value’ and pointed out that ‘a career in music is not taken for granted and a broad range of academic subjects is included . . .  without diminishing the musical priority’.

It remains The Purcell School’s purpose to provide to young musicians of exceptional talent and promise from all backgrounds with the best possible teaching and school environment to fulfil their potential.

Success in this will yield students and alumni with outstanding levels of musical attainment and the self-confidence, adaptability, maturity and perspective to sustain their professional development and personal fulfilment throughout their lives.

Complementing high quality teaching and pastoral support, the School aims to provide:

  • a stimulating and mutually supportive association with similarly gifted children
  • ideal opportunities for practising, performing and developing musicianship
  • a School ethos and community which values integrity, and a sense of obligation beyond self to connect with and contribute to the wider community.